Wireless Energy Transfer – A Design project

At Wireless Energy Transfer Solutions (WET Solutions) we look forward to breaking the trend of wires by providing wireless power for these devices. Using a DC input, the device intents are to amplify and transmit power via magnetic resonance to a receiver that will deliver the power to an arbitrary load of choice which has been selected to complement the systems power outputs. The theory of magnetic resonance entails the combination of inductance within the coils and capacitance in order to achieve maximum efficiency within the circuit. The transmitting coil will have a specific drive circuit which is comprised of two high power mosfets that will switch the DC source to the desired frequency to be resonated throughout the system. This distance has been amplified to approximately 60 centimeters using the implementation of a “repeater coil” between the transmitting coil and the receiving coil. Once the power is passed through the repeater coil and then received at the third and final coil. Once the signal is received it is then rectified and used to power a load of three 15 Watt light bulbs, which are connected in parallel. Throughout this project we have determined the safest and most efficient frequency at which a signal can be transferred along with the furthest distance each coil can be placed from one another in order to power the desired load.

Team Members:

  • Dayron Chigin
  • Sami Elkabli
  • Christian Gallego
  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez
  • Mark Tella

Video Presentation:

Wireless Energy Transfer