Course Catalog and Offering Information:

  • Name of Course: Power Quality
  • Course Number: EEL 6219
  • Semester to be taught: Spring 2020
  • Course Instructor: Professor O. A. Mohammed, Associate Dean of Research, Florida International University, Office: EC-2441, mohammed@fiu.edu, 305-348-3040

Course Topics and Outline:

1. Power Quality Fundamentals
  • What is Power Quality? What is Power Quality Engineering? Why is Power Quality important?
  • Review: AC Circuit Theory, Fourier series, Power Electronics Basics
  • Vocabulary and Definitions
  • Planning Power Quality Investigations
2. Sags and Short Interruptions
  • Sources
  • Range and Impact on Sensitive Circuits
  • Standards
  • Fundamental Principles of Protection
  • Solutions and Mitigation
  • Equipment and Techniques
  • Case Studies in Motor-Starting Sags
  • Case Studies in Fault-Clearing
3. Transients
  • Origin and Classification Impact on Users
  • Principles of Protection Hardware for Mitigation
  • Case Studies in Capacitor Switching Transients
  • Case Studies in Lightning Protection
  • Case Studies in Load Switching
4. Harmonics
  • Sources
  • Definitions and Terms Standards and Measures Impacts
  • System Response,
  • Resonant Effects Calculation and Simulation
  • Mitigation and Control Techniques
  • Filtering (passive and active)
  • Examples and Case Studies Harmonic Studies
5. Longer Duration voltage Variations
  • Causes
  • Voltage Regulators
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Utility Side Support
  • Reliability Indices
  • Case Studies
6. Measurements
  • Indices
  • Measurement Techniques
  • Contracts and Insurance Concepts
  • State Estimation
  • Use in Planning
7. Distributed Generation Grid Connection Issues
  • What is Distributed Generation? Interface to Utility
  • Power Quality Issues
  • Examples
  • Interconnection Standards
8. Wiring and Grounding
  • Definitions and Terms
  • Reasons
  • Requirements
  • Standards
  • Missing and Multiple Ground Connections
  • Ground Loops Neutral Sizing Common Errors Resonant Effects
  • Solutions to Grounding Problems
  • Case Studies
9. Instruments and Analyzers
  • What is available? How does it operate? What to expect
  • Safety
  • Case studies

The topics listed may be subject to revision during the semester.


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